I am delighted to participate in three upcoming design industry events, and I more than welcome you to join me.

“Hyper-Customization- the ReBirth of Branding” , Idealiance China-Hong Kong- Tuesday, December 8

Consumers demand that brands engage them as unique individuals.  Big data, advances in digital package printing and immediately responsive logistics now allows brands to create truly customized package experiences for literally every individual.  How do brands evolve and still retain true to their essence?  And what does this mean to the design industry?

“Strategic Design Firm Thought Leaders Summit , Package Design Matters, Bonita Springs, FL – Tuesday, January 20

A by-invitation-only event of the leading design consultancy principals will take place as a 4 hour workshop the day before the Package Design Matters conference.  What’s happened to leading brand identity design firms?  Hyper proliferation, under differentiation, crowd sourcing, free pitching and our clients’ ever fighting grip on budgets has changed our industry irreversibly.   How to we regain our influence, reignite our best work and recapture profit?

“Redesigning the Design Industry” , F– USE, Miami FL – Tuesday, April 5

I will be joined by Jennifer Giannotti-Genes, Global Senior Design Manager
Colgate-Palmolive Company  and Peter Borowksi, Chief Design Officer, SC Johnson in this client/consultant analysis of the design industry.   Offshoring, outsourcing and outright elimination of the corporate design function in large CPG firms like Kraft/Heinz, Unilever, Mars and others is contrasted by an increased investment in the corporate design function in design mixed companies like Pepsico, 3M and others.  In contrast, design firms are significantly shrinking, consolidating, proliferating in an effort to address these new needs.  What are best practices?  How does Design best function both in the companies and the consultancies that serve them?