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The value of design is notoriously difficult to define, tough to measure, and hard to isolate as a function, making it challenging to support a business case for strategic investment in the design operation.

In 2013, DMI and Motiv Strategies collaborated to develop a market index that could be used to track how design-focused companies perform relative to the S&P 500 over time. 15 publicly traded US companies made the cut for inclusion. The results supported a growing body of findings that good design drives shareholder value.
A year later, the 2014 results are in.  Join us Wednesday as DMI’s Pamela DeCesare talks with Motiv Strategies CEO, Jeneanne Rae to discuss the latest numbers.  They’ll discuss the criteria for inclusion in the Index, the path to design maturity, and the two activities that separate the organizations on the DVI from those that did not make it.
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