Redesigning the Design Industry; “The Next-Generation Consultancy”

– Published in the UK’s Design Business Association’s Member Newsletter, November 2017 – Those of us who run design consultancies embrace change. In fact, we are often our client’s primary “change agents”. We foresee the emerging need in the ever-evolving market, and mold our clients’ brands and experiences to meet that new need. And yet,…

Join me in San Fran / LA on Oct 12/13 to further the quest for Design quantification

It’s been 16 years since the Design Management Institute journal published what has been called “the industry’s thought leading work on quantifying package design’s ROI”. It’s been more than 6 years since Steve Sato and I co-chaired the Design Value project for DMI. In these years, I’ve written more than several complementing articles,…


Speaking at the INKCredible workshop, NYC, Dec 6

Can digital and print truly be integrated?  Can we reverse the flow of information from digital back to print?  I will be leading this discussion following my keynote talk at the INKcredible workshop at The Princeton Club in NYC on December 6.  Sign up here:

Join me at Packaging That Sells Conference, Oct 3-5

I am delighted to be joined on the podium by Bernardino Reynoso, Colgate-Palmolive Global Design Director and Michele Sawyer, Sawyer Design Vision as we discuss how brand’s retain authentic to their mission as their message evolves.  Please learn more and register for the event here: Looming forward to seeing you at The Drake in…

Link to my Design ROI Webinar w Colgate & Nielsen

I had the chance to be joined by Yves Briantais, Worldwide Director of Global Design and Packaging at Colgate-Palmolive and  Steve Lamoureux, Senior Vice-president of Product Innovation, Design Solutions, Nielsen as we shared our on-going work at quantifying Design’s value.  Colgate is participating in a landmark study that I have helped the Nielsen team structure.   Please…

Keynote: PAC to the Future Conference: Sept 28-29

Please join me and a host of industry trend forecasters at Niagara Falls on September 28-29 where we will provide a vision of how branding and package design will evolve in 2025.   My keynote focuses on Brand Authenticity- or how brands remain true to their message while they hyper customize to meet each individual…


Invest in the Future of Healthy, Delicious Food

There is not enough animal-based protein to feed the world long term.  Join this revolutionary team as they bring plant-based protein to the forefront of haute- cuisine and healthy nutrition.  Join me as an investor in their kickstarter campaign before April 9. Learn more here:


Design Value Index Results

In my twenty year quest to prove Design’s ROI, I have new information to share.  Email me at [email protected] for new articles and insights from my work and my co-chairing of the DMI’s Design Value Project, and then read on for more info. The value of design is notoriously difficult to define, tough to measure, and…


Upcoming Talks: Idealliance China, Package Design Matters, F– USE

I am delighted to participate in three upcoming design industry events, and I more than welcome you to join me. “Hyper-Customization- the ReBirth of Branding” , Idealiance China-Hong Kong- Tuesday, December 8 Consumers demand that brands engage them as unique individuals.  Big data, advances in digital package printing and immediately responsive logistics now allows brands to…


3 minutes/ 3 insights on Brand Authenticity

Click here:    Be real or be gone.  Check out this 3 minute interview with the team at F– USE for three key insights on keeping your brand – and your brand message- authentic.  Then email me your thoughts on this important topic.  I’ll post them here and then dig deeper in future articles.

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